Major Facts to Consider regarding Hot Tubs

July 12th, 2011

If you enjoy sitting in a hot tub where you feel literary lost and relaxed then you would be a little surprised to know that there are some myths related to this common routine of human life.

If you are considering installing a hot tub then you must carefully acknowledge the importance of their proven facts. With the popularity of an invention, the popular becomes the myths. A new product launched or made available in the market for consumers is vulnerable to attract uncommon flak from both critics and curious people. This entire process generates myths and misconceptions. By examining these particular myths, an individual consumer can make an educated decision associated with these products.

People believe that hot tubs, spas, whirlpool, and Jacuzzi are the same while they are not.  Hot tubs are referred to open-topped tanks filled with circulated, filtered, chemically treated water.  Hot tubs are portable. Whereas spas are traditionally referred to in-ground units constructed on-site which are often parts of a pool/spa combination. Whirlpools are normally found indoors in the master bathroom or in other indoor facilities. They are used and then drained out after use. Jacuzzi is nothing but a brand name which is only used for the products that it manufactures. People believe that buying any hot tub will suffice and meet their needs and requirements which is so untrue. There are various types of hot tubs and you should evaluate your options before you buy accordingly. If you want to buy a hot tub for therapies and exercises then it’s better to look for hot tubs with depth and enough room for movements. If your hot tub is going to be used recreationally then buy a hot tub with four or five seats. Most people don’t consider first where their hot tub is going to be installed. You should install hot tubs on strong, level areas that can support your hot tub once it is filled with water. If you are planning to install a hot tub outdoors then ensure that you don’t place it 10 feet within overhead power lines and follow all local safety codes. If it is being installed inside, then pay attention to flooring and wall construction for it may cause moisture damage. Consumers are often not educated about the total pricing for installation. The retailer is responsible for disclosing all the costs that are included. The cost of hot tubs and all the necessary equipments and parts should be disclosed by the retailers. You should ask for maintenance costs beforehand, as well. The electricity bills are one of the most prevalent myths. In fact, the electricity bills vary from region, model, and quality of insulation. According to reports, a normal hot tub costs from 10 dollars to 30 dollars to operate. People believe that hot tubs are limited to seasons which is partially true. Considering that outdoor hot tubs are good for year-around use, you still need to prepare for the winter season and you must choose a winterizing kit.

With the information above, you can now choose the most efficient hot tub for you and your family and be sure to call a certified electrician for installation. The possibility of making a mistake while installing it, could be fatal.

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Where to find the best spa and hot tub installation

April 8th, 2011

The question seems so simple! In reality, it is not, there are many options available in the market and most of us are ignorant of the specific requirements of spa and hot tub installation. We are always a victim of the blind advises of our friends and relatives and never think of consulting professional installers as most of us consider it nothing but waste of money. There are many factors that must be consider before installing hot tub for your spa, from spa covering to hot tub covering. If one goes by statistics, one would realize that 82% of the hot tub covers malfunction because of water logging and 18% of the physical damage is done by the foam.

Most of us try to install spa and hot tub on our own and end up in complete mess and eventually have to take the professional help which means spending more than what was required.  It is always recommended to first finalize the place where you would like to install your spa and measure the space so that the hot tub is easily installed. Remember, one needs more space around the tub to accommodate decking. The most important aspect is water and electric supply for the tub, therefore one must not ignore the risk of life involved in it and must get a professional for the installation. These professionals have years of experience and would give you the specific details about the quality of wires required to install spa and tubs so that you and your family stay safe. Many of us are concerned about the huge electricity bills for hot tubs and therefore some prefer hot tub covers to manage their bills.

It is important that you select the most appropriate installation service based upon your requirement and preference. Among the many, one can simply opt for Wooden Deck installation or Indoor installation. Going by the recent trend, Wooden Deck Installation is more in vogue as it helps to create a soothing ambience for your spa. It is imperative to remember that the deck must be strong and can support the weight and it is always recommended to get it verified and installed by a professional.

There are people who prefer Indoor Installation to that of Wooden Deck because it is not affected by the weather outside and therefore one has the luxury to design and install spa and hot tub according to the comfort. The concern in Indoor Installation is lack of ventilation. If there is lack of ventilation then it may cause a lot of humidity and can do a heavy damage to the spa. It is always suggested to search it on the internet about the spa installation service in your city and take the help of friends and relatives who have installed it before.

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