How does a home electrical system work?

July 29th, 2011

Imagine a life without electricity. That would mean no night lights, no television, no refrigerators, no washing machine, no air conditioners, no computers, no internet, no mobile phones and no anything that runs on electricity. Back to the Stone Age aren’t we? So electricity is an absolute essential for life today. You have large industries to the smallest household appliances running on electricity. Hospital machines run on electricity. Life itself runs on electrical system.

Electrical items can be categorized into two components, Rough-in components and finished components. The ones that were installed during the construction phase of your home are rough in components such as wires, cables and electrical boxes etc. The added components towards the end of construction such as outlets and switches are the finished components.

Now electricity comes in from the utility company and is delivered through the three main lines. Two out of the three deliver 120 volts of electricity and are known as hot wires while the remaining one is neutral. Since most household appliances use 120 volts of electricity, only one hot wire is sufficient. But larger appliances like air conditioners, electric ovens, furnaces, etc. require 240-volts of electricity and therefore both the hot wires are used.  The neutral line is a must in electric circuits.

You must have noticed a device known as the electric meter. This is located at the point where electricity reaches your home and its function is to measure the amount of electricity consumed by the household. From this point electricity is channeled to the breaker box and from there distributed to the entire household or building. Electricity flows from the source to the device and then back to the source.

Your circuit breaker box is there for safety reasons. This device purposely breaks the flow of electricity and makes it possible for the technicians to repair or check whenever necessary. So whenever there is a need for electrical repairing it is important to locate the right circuit breaker and turn it off. Also never leave a hot wire hanging out in the open without proper insulation as that too can be hazardous.

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Use of Dimmers

November 29th, 2010

Light is an indispensable factor when you think about decorating your house. The amount of light in a room reflects your mood. Different parts of your house require different levels of light to differentiate between the brighter and lighter areas of your home. Therefore, the use of dimmers has become prevalent. A dimmer is basically used for adjusting light in a room, which can be used for various purposes. It can help you to concentrate on your work by providing bright illumination or even help you feel comfortable during a romantic dinner.

Dimmers are used extensively in today’s times and therefore its choice and installation requires great care and attention. Luckily, we have Electrical Contractors who can not only assist us in selecting the proper dimmers but also make our lives easy by proper installation and effective troubleshooting. No doubt, people believe in DIY phenomenon, however electricity is one thing which requires proper attention hence it is always advisable to get the services of a professional and mitigate the risks of electric shock or even electrocution.

Before going for a dimmer make sure you know the proper type to use. There are different types of light dimmers available in the market, which can be distinguished on the basis of their mechanism and functioning. However, it is advisable to go for electronic light dimmers as they effectively dim light and also save energy. A dimmer has a number of resistors which rapidly switch the light circuit off and on to reduce the total energy flowing through the circuit. The circuit is switched off a lot of times each second. Since alternating current has a diverse voltage priority, a dimmer automatically switches the light bulb circuit off every time current reverses direction that is whenever there is zero voltage running through the circuit. This happens 120 times per second. It turns the light cycle up to a certain level. This way light dimmers also help us to save considerable amount of energy.

Dimmer switches come in various styles: dial, slide, touch pad and combination light switch/dimmer slide. You should discuss the requirements with your electrician and get the one, which is most suitable for you according to your style and budget. A good way to get these installed at your home is through Electrical Contractors at NJ.

The following evaluation needs to be made

  • Evaluate what type of dimmers are required and how many?
  • Consider your budget as against your needs.
  • Check the voltage regulation at home and ensure you buy a matching dimmer.
  • Find out the best electrician available by referring to your friends and neighbors.
  • Clarify the requirements of the work to be executed and estimate the budget of the expenses.
  • Execute the contract specifying the cost involved, the estimated time of completion and any after sale services involved.

Just remember it’s wise not to take risks with electricity and electrical equipments.

Therefore, take the advice of a professional and light up your home according to your mood and according to the occasion.

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Professional Installation of Motion Sensor

November 15th, 2010

How often it has been found that even the most secured and tested security systems have failed? The answer to this question would be, too often. With each passing day there is a growing fear of security breach as all the methods that were implied in a security system just failed to work until the motion sensor was introduced to the world. Necessity is the mother of all invention and this famous quotation did turn out to be true with the use of motion sensor in homes and offices. Before, security systems that were considered to be secure, could not stand the test of time and were proved to be waste of money and time. The fraudsters had answers to every complex question, but, now most of us can relax and have the peace of mind if we have installed motion sensor by professional electricians at our homes and offices.

According to electricians in New Jersey, there is a wide use of motion sensors for home security. Generally, there are two kinds of motion sensors that are used for home security and they are Ultrasonic and infrared (active and passive) sensors. The two most common motion sensors that are installed for home security are motion sensor cameras and motion sensor alarms. The motion sensor alarm gives the benefits to the homeowners to have peaceful sleep. Homeowners are no longer required to hire security guard for their homes as the motion sensor are often installed at the gate of the house and the moment the sensor detects any activity it raises an alarm. As far as motion sensor camera are concerned, it is usually installed in large and spacious homes where there a lot of rooms and the motion camera helps to see the activities happening around the rooms and the secured areas of the house. This saves electricity as there is no need to keep the lights switched on in the rooms that are not in use. The motion sensor alarms are unique because of their unique features. It detects motion within its range and raises an instant alarm but it also gives the flexibility to check the security of our homes when we are away, the motion can be forwarded to the cell phones even when we are on the move. The motion sensors are more widely used for corporate security systems since the security of the data and employees are the most important aspects of doing business. The corporate companies not only the MNCs but even the smallest of companies have installed all kinds of motion sensors to maintain a tight security.

The most important thing is the security of our homes and family members and it is mandatory that motion sensors are installed by electrical contractors at our homes and offices to have the peace of mind and it is always better to be safe than sorry.


Old breaker panel can lead to dimming lights: Hire the best electrical service

October 29th, 2010

How often have we heard of people getting electrocuted when trying to fix their breaker panel? The answer is – too often. It is a human nature to think that we are should be able to resolve the issues ourselves. We do not realize that electrical panels and wires are extremely dangerous; it can even take our life. Our homes and offices are full of electrical apparatus and in order to make sure they work properly we take extra precautions and also use the services of electricians and electrical contractors. An old or worn out breaker panel is not only dangerous and can cause fire, but it can also be damaging your appliances and electronic equipment.

An electrical contractor is an expert and can tell you about the breaker panels that are available in different ranges.  For example if you need to upgrade or install a new breaker panel and do not require a lot of electricity, then you can opt for a panel that offers 100 amps.  If you have a huge house or office with many electrical apparatus then you may need a panel with a ampere of 200 or more. There are options of sub-panel as well; it can also be installed if you want to make any addition to in electrical appliances or you would like to stretch to a corner of your house. Therefore, it is vital that you know your needs. The best way to figure out is to get in touch with an electrician, and make a list of electrical appliances that you have and accordingly they would suggest to you the best electrical panel.

Necessary precautions have to be taken in the installation of circuit breaker panels as it can be very dangerous. An option to the circuit breaker is an electrical fuse. The first step while installing a circuit breaker is to switch off the main power that is connected to the panel which is to be replaced, even after switching off the main power, it is advisable to test that panel is no longer receiving current. There are other factors that must be taken into consideration while installing circuit breaker panel, check how much electricity you would require for running your electrical appliances, the number of breakers you need.

It is strongly suggested that you not try to work on the electrical system in your own home and request the service of an electrician or electrical contractors in New Jersey as they have years of experience and training when providing this type of electrical service.

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