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Warning Electricity is Dangerous

67,800 Fires a Year are Caused by Electrical Problems

550 Deaths are Caused by Electrocution Annually

If You Experience These Types of Problems Call 609-301-4239 or 215-531-5009

  • Dim or flickering lights
  • Arcs, sparks or sizzles
  • Buzzing sounds
  • Odors like burning plastic
  • Warm switch and receptacle plates
  • Cracked or loose plugs and wall plates
  • Damaged insulation
  • Frequent tripping of circuit breakers or blown fuses
  • Electric shocks

Check These Areas of Your Home or Business to Ensure Your Safety


Check for outlets that have loose fitting plugs, which can overheat and lead to fire. Replace any broken or missing wall plates. Make sure there are safety plugs on any unused outlets that are accessible to children. Avoid overloading an outlet with too many appliances.


Make sure that all plugs fit your outlets. Never remove the ground pin to make a three prong fit a two conductor outlet; this could lead to an electrical shock. Never force a plug into an outlet if it doesn't fit. Plugs should fit securely into the outlet.


Make sure cords are in good condition, not frayed or cracked. Make sure they are placed away from traffic areas. Cords should never be nailed or stapled to walls, baseboards, or other objects. Do not place cords under carpets or rugs.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

GFCI's can help prevent electrocution. They should be used in any area where water and electricity may come into contact. Test GFCI's according to the manufacturer's instructions monthly, and after major electrical storms to make sure they are working properly.

Circuit breakers / Fuses

Circuit breakers and fuses should be the correct size and current rating for their circuit. If you do not know the correct size, have an electrician identify and label the size to be used. Always replace a fuse or circuit breaker with the same size.

Light Bulbs

Check the wattage of all bulbs in light fixtures to make sure they are the correct wattage for the type and size of the fixture. If you don't know the correct wattage, check with the manufacturer of the fixture. Make sure bulbs are screwed in securely, loose bulbs may overheat.


If an appliance repeatedly trips a breaker, or blows a fuse, or has given a shock, unplug it and have it repaired or replaced..

The Facts

December is the most dangerous month for electrical fires. Fire deaths are highest in winter months which call for more indoor activities and increase in lighting, heating, and appliance use. Most electrical wiring fires start in the bedroom.

Customer Safety

Home Safety

At "Mr. Speedy Electric" we adhere to National and Local Code requirements and permit all appropriate jobs.

Home Inspections: We provide you with a written home inspection of your electrical system. This will alert you to code violations and safety concerns that can be corrected.

Make sure your panel is safe. Have an electrical inspection done by a licensed electrician.

Research your panel online. Many older panels are fire hazards. Zinsco panels for example have many websites dedicated to alerting the public on the potential problems. Federal Pacific panels have had many of their UL listings pulled and have class action suits pending. If your panel is rusted, corroded, melted or has signs of overheating, have it checked out immediately.

Never use extension cords for permanent use. They are designed for temporary use only.

Test smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries every 6 months (We recommend hard wired interconnected smoke detectors which comply with today’s code requirements).

Flickering lights could be signs of a major problem or could be something simple. Have a licensed electrician investigate the problem.

Ground fault protection outlets should be in kitchens, bathrooms, garages and outside.

Whole house surge protection in now available at the panel. This protects all electrical components in your home not just computers and TVs.

Have an electrical safety inspection done at least every 3-5 yrs. This will alert you to any new National and Local Electrical Code updates.

Electrical System Safety Check


We specialize in Electrical panels, meter bases, and code compliance issues. If you feel that your electrical system needs to be inspected by one of our licensed electricians, please contact us today by calling 609-301-4239 or 215-531-5009 or submit an online request form.


  • Have you heard of a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panel?
  • Has someone told you "Your breaker box is dangerous"?
  • Did you know that these "Stab-Lock" breakers can fail to "trip"?
  • Federal Pacific and Zinsco breaker boxes are no longer UL listed and should be replaced.*

*"Mr. Speedy Electric" is not implying that if you own "Stab Lock" designed breakers your home will burn. It is however, safe to say that if you do in fact own this type of breaker, have a short circuit, and it fails to "trip", the potential for a fire is great.

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