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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems
  • In order to provide an accurate estimate, your home or business should be surveyed.
  • If you have a floor plan, it will save you time if you provide a copy for the initial walkthrough.
  • We do not charge for estimates

Call at 609-301-4239 or 215-531-5009 to arrange for an estimate

We offer full installation & service for fire alarm systems.

There are many steps required to install a proper life safety fire alarm system. We can handle all the details for you.

Many different types of fire alarm detection technologies and detection devices are available in the industry today, so it is possible to provide protection to any building irrespective of its’ shape or size.

Millions of dollars worth of loss or damage can occur if buildings are not adequately protected. Most of these losses are avoidable with some proactive attention being paid to having a system designed and installed by "Mr. Speedy Electric."

Fire Alarm Systems

The biggest concern home owners have about an alarm installation is whether or not they will see wires all over their home. Our installers make every effort possible to hide all wiring, but sometimes it is neither possible nor feasible to get a wire hidden. In situations like this, we have the option to use wireless devices.

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