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Home Remodel Electrical Upgrades

When homeowners think of remodeling, they tend to think of a sparkling new bathroom rather than an electrical upgrade, which doesn't sound nearly as exciting. However, sometimes the best remodels are the ones you don't see—the electrical upgrades that make your entertainment center possible, the new plumbing that allows for the addition of the new spa, or both to create an outdoor room where you can enjoy those long summer days.

Central Control Stations

A variety of new devices allow you to operate many different lights and equipment circuits from a single location. Multiple-station controls can be preset for entertaining so that, with a single touch, they provide candle-like atmosphere in the dining room, tranquil lighting in the living room and activity lighting in the kitchen.

Garage or Workshop

Can you use a power tool without unplugging the freezer? If not, upgrade the electrical service in your workshop to reduce the chances of overloading your circuits.

Home Entertainment Centers

Televisions, VCRs, stereos, CD and DVD players, surround sound. How about remote speakers to better utilize those purchases by allowing music to play throughout the house and your yard?


Adding a spa, automatic sprinklers, a misting system on the patio, or an outdoor kitchen all will require more electricity.

Home Security System

Will you ever want to install an electronic security system that is directly tied– in to a monitoring company? If so, this will require low-voltage wiring at various points in your home all connected to your telephone “gray box”.

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