Lowest Price Promise

Lowest Price Promise

Times are tough right now... at Kaiser Electric we understand, and we want to help you get the problem fixed. We have noticed homeowners with electrical problems have taken the path to resolve these issues using the cheapest way possible… with that can come unsafe installations or part failure. We don’t want to see people sacrifice safety to survive. So we decided to introduce our new program called “Lowest Price Promise”. So here is how the program works...

Have a written estimate from a licensed electrical contractor for any work you need for your home.

Submit a Service Request or give our cheerful customer service people a call to set up a convenient time for our skilled electricians to visit your home and review the project along with the opportunity to provide the "Lowest Price Promise".

Please review the following guidelines for the program:

  1. A copy of a written estimate with the best possible price from a licensed electrical contractor must be given to our electrician upon the first visit.
  2. Lowest Price Promise is honored during the first visit only.
  3. Competitive estimate must be in writing from a verifiable licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractor.
  4. Lowest Price Promise is subject to design, products, material and installation method.
  5. All federal, state, and local authorities having jurisdiction for safety ordinances, and electrical codes will be in compliance.
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