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Spa & Hot Tub Installation

Electrical work and repairs can be dangerous, especially around water. There is a risk of shock or electrocution, which could result in serious injury or death. We strongly advise that hot tub electrical wiring be referred to a licensed electrician.

3 & 4 Wire Spa Electrical Systems

A large portion of 240V spas manufactured today require a 50 amp 4-wire electrical service. Some hot tubs have load requirements of 30A or 40A, and a few even 60A, which should correspond to the size of the new feed circuit breaker installed in the house service panel. The Disconnect GFCI panel's amp rating can be equal to, or larger than the feed breaker in the main panel.

Hot tubs with mixed voltage components (such as 120V ozonator and 240V heater) require 4-wire systems, which means they require an electrical circuit providing (2) hot wires, (1) neutral, and (1) ground wire.

Some 240V spas (and many older ones) use three wire systems with (2) hot wires and (1) ground wire, without a neutral wire. Both 3-wire and 4-wire spas must be GFCI protected. A 4-wire hot tub must not be connected to a 3-wire service. Proper grounding is also essential. In either case, the disconnect panel must be supplied with a 4-wire service in order for the GFCI to function as required.

Most people know that hot tubs are fun and relaxing, but did you know that they can also be good for you? Studies show that a spa bath can improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, ease muscle and arthritis pain, and that's not even mentioning the social benefits!

Furthermore, a hot tub increases the resale value of your home, so think of it as an investment you can enjoy every day, year-round.

At "Mr. Speedy Electric," Inc, we offer a wide selection of hot-tubs with an even wider selection of customizable features, such as waterproof sound systems and TVs.

But the best part is that we do everything in our power to make hot tubs an affordable option for people without money to burn. One way we help our customers save money is by buying straight from the manufacturer to avoid overhead costs.

A hot tub is hands-down one of the best luxury for price investments you can make, but choosing the wrong company to install it can cost you in expenses and workmanship quality. So trust the experts at "Mr. Speedy Electric," Inc for prompt, reliable and honest service on every job.

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