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Surge Protection

As the average home continues to add electronics devices of all types, it is becoming increasingly necessary for the home to be protected by a whole house surge protector.

Stray electric charges can enter the home and damage or destroy expensive electronic equipment. In many cases, these surges of electric power can even lead to fire, destroying the entire home.

Individual surge protection devices are mandated in most communities, but a whole house unit may be needed to protect against catastrophic damage.

Internal Surge Protection

Ideally, a whole house surge protection system will protect everything. If, however, there are expensive individual electronic gadgets inside, you may want to add another level of protection.

As you work with your electrician, ask about putting in elements for each individual electronic device.

Peace of mind in this regard goes hand in hand with an insurance policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Surge Protection

What are electrical surges?

Surges and transients are momenentary spikes in electrical voltage. These surges and transients can enter a home or business through the incoming electrical line, telephone line, cable antenna. even the internet line.

Where do they come from?

At one extreme, a surge can be generated by a nearby lightning strike. At the other, transients can come from the motors in your appliances when they turn on and off during everyday operation. Harmful surges are also produced by electric utility power switching designed to meet changing energy demands.

What can they do?

While a lightning strike can cause immediate and severe damage, low level surges will, over time, degrade electronic equipment and shorten the life of computers, home entertainment systems, telecommunication devices, and electric appliances.

What can I do?

You can protect the investment in all of your electronic devices with a family of surge protectors. While surge strips protect one or two electronic devices, there are many products that can protect all the connections in a home or business - and this is what "Mr. Speedy Electric" recommends.

How do surge protectors work?

Once in place and connected to your load center, or data equipment, the surge protectors redirect the surges to the ground and dissipate the energy. The surge protection selected must be UL rated on response time (where lower clamping voltage is better) and surge rating (where the greater the surge current rating, the longer the surge protector will last).

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